Computer Programming  2018-2019 spring semester (Bilgisayar Programlama 2018-2019 bahar dönemi)
Ege University, School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Grading : 20 % Homework
                  30 % Class exercises
                  50 % Final exam

JAVA 2018-2019 Fall Class Structure

We certainly can not cover all the topics mentioned here, but exercises and homework problems will be given for all topics so that you can do self study- if you are interested to learn them. Lab will be open for you all the time for your self study.

W1 Introduction to java input-output structure String, double and integer variable definitions, static methods

W2 char,boolean variables, if statement , using of static methods and class in other programs

W3 for, while do-while, case statements, formulations of series in static methods, Math static method library

W4 Introduction to class concept & dynamic methods

W5 Array structures of basic variable types

W6 further in class concepts, introduction to composition & inheritance, class array structures

W7 Further class concepts, polymorphism, abstract class, composition, inheritance, indirect referencing, lambda variables

W8 Error control , Exception handling

W9. Advanced data structures: Generic methods, Lambda variables with generic methods

W10 Advanced data structures: String tokeniser, StringBuffer,    list, arraylist, vector, linkedlist, que classes

W11 Introduction to graphics

W12 Graphic (Graphic user interphase) programming

W13 Input/output from files

W14 Input/output from database –excel programs

W15 Real time programming – interphase with arduino

W16 Java native language programming (Java native interphase – JINI)

W17 Java- android phone programming

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13

I left previous notes here for your benefits

Computer Programming  2017-2018 fall semester (Bilgisayar Programlama 2016-2017 güz dönemi)
Ege University, School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Grading : 00 % Homework
                  20 % Quiz : quiz time is random quiz questions will be from homework problems
                  30 % Midterm exam
                  50 % Final exam

java official internet site:
java magazine:

Crimson Editor
Java editor
everyone java editor


Unicode Character List
Computer Programming M. Turhan Coban
Java bilgisayar diliyle programlama M. Turhan Çoban  Java Database connectivity (JDBC) program internet site          Java wrapper (direct connectivity) internet site
Java-MSOffice connection internet site

SQLite database program folders : see book for how to use them
sqlite_shell (a program to run SQLite databases in your computer written in C program : sqlite3.exe)
SQLite-java Database Connectivity (connects java and SQLite through JDBC)
SQLite-java direct connectivity  
Java wrapper (direct connectivity) zipped file
SQLitePro2009  (a program to use with SQLite databases)

Java-MSOffice connection package (apache poi)
Apache poi

exercises created in class
Solution of week 5 homeworks

2017 semester zamanı java kursu (2017 break special Java course)

First year computer course notes:

2016-2017 fall  exercises:
Homework-exercise sheet
computer codes                    
week 1 week1 programs
week2 programs
week3 programs
week4 programs
week5 programs
week6 programs
week 7
week7a        week7b         week7c     programs
week 8
week8a (JFRAME)    weeek8b (JAPPLET)
week 9
week 9 programs
week 10
week 10 programs
week11 programs
week12 programs